Glamour the Voice’s You Can Change Review
  • Christian Rap Artist Glamour the Voice

    Rating: ★★★★☆ 

    If you have  been sitting underneath a rock, then perhaps you haven’t heard of the ground breaking Christian Hip Hop compilation called Speaking Volumes 1.  Glamour the Voice is a Christian Rapper who I was privileged to have be a part of the first gospel rap fan compilation ever.  His song, You can Change is officially the last song on the compilation, and I decided I really need to let all of you know what I thought of it.

    First things first, the beat is crazy.  The sample is chopped up in the normal New York fashion.  It’s a little bit faster than most East Coast Hip Hop tracks, but it works for this song.  It really isn’t much more than a sample and a drum beat (and perhaps bass), but if you’ve heard a ton of DJ Premier songs (and if you’ve been a hip hop head for more than a few years, I’m sure you have), then you know that sometimes you don’t need more than that.  The beat just works.

    Vocally, Glamour goes in.  I didn’t know what to expect.  But from the moment he opens his mouth, you know it’s going to be something special.  His flow ability is among the best that I’ve heard, and even with his tongue twister lyrics, he is perfectly on beat for the whole track.  What was impressive about this feat was that the lyrics weren’t filler.  Lyrically he is tough as well.  The chorus is just as energetic as the verses and at this tempo with this flow, that is impressive.  To top it all off, he doesn’t let the speed of his words take away from the personality that he pens on the canvas of the beat.  He is an artist, enough said.

    The mix was the only thing that I took a little issue with.  I think that his voice was a little loud, and that there were certain frequencies that could’ve been notched out of the sample to make the mix on the song a little stronger.  But, other than that, this is classic Christian Hip Hop material.  The best part is that its a free download at or you can just click the picture.

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