Eshon Burgundy’s “Close Your Eyes” Review
  • New Christian Music from Eshon Burgundy

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

    I just saw the video for this song on our sister site, and thought to myself, Eshon Burgundy is a monster.  I’m going to get to the review in a second, but I think that just about everyone really does need to go the check the video on the site.  I’ve known Eshon for a minute especially b/c he was a Philly boy back in the day, so I’m finally getting around to reviewing my man.  I’m going in, and I do mean deep.  Here’s the review.

    Since I’ve known Eshon, I’ve always appreciated his beat selection.  If he’s producing it, it’s a monster, if he isn’t, he makes sure that it is a monster.  There is no exception here, he chose one of the dopest beats that I’ve heard in Christian Hip Hop in a very long time.  The sample is dope, the extra elements that come in and out keep your interest, the drums thump….in other words, it just works.  The truth is that I really like that he was able to find a beat that had southern influences while still remaining true to his East Coast Christian Hip Hop roots.  I like this beat a lot.

    Vocally, I love what he did on this track.  His vocals are so crispy, and perhaps that’s from the judicious use of autotune effect, but it wasn’t over done.  It was just right.  The beat goes so hard, but his vocals go just as hard, if not harder.  The truth is that I was digging the style and flow game of Eshon, and then when I listened closer, I realized that he is a lyrical gem for the holy hip hop genre.  He really brought his A game for this track, and I appreciated every second that I listened to it.

    The mix is dope…..really dope.  So is the master.  I know he’s going to probably give the song away for free in his normal fashion. for more info, Salute!

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